Monday, November 6, 2017

Hair Loss Battle | Hair Weave Revamp

So this here is a before and after of a hair extension install. She has high blood pressure and takes medication to regulate it. High blood pressure is a mother when it comes to the health of your hair. With her condition it caused her to experience hair loss.

The condition she has is androgenic alopecia, which is hair loss that is characterized by vellus (short, thin, barely noticeable)  hair. This condition is usually caused by genetics, age, and/or hormonal changes. However, due to the fact that she is of a wonderful age and she is post-menopause, that adds to it at a rapid rate. Women with rapid hair loss sometimes feel anxious, helpless, and less attractive. I love doing installs on people with conditions. I'm not happy that they go these things, however, I'm happy I can make them feel good about themselves and not feel vulnerable to walk out the house without their hair done.

" Over 63 million people 
in the United States suffer
 from abnormal hair loss."

So in my profession, I cannot medicate her for her conditions with hair loss. She will have to visit a dermatologist. If you are going through the same conditions seek a medical diagnosis from a dermatologist. They can prescribe you with two of the key medications that have been proved to stimulate hair growth by the FDA which is Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is sold over the counter and is a topical treatment. Rogaine is one that is sold without a prescription. Finasteride is for men only and it is taken orally. 

I am a cosmetologist, therefore, I do not prescribe medication and I don't do surgery on clients with hair loss. I perform non-surgical hair replacement systems such as wigs, toupees, hair weaving, and hair extensions. After she got her system install she felt much better you can tell her confidence boost.

"If you are going

through the same
conditions seek
a medical diagnosis 
from a dermatologist. "

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