Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Deep End of Your Strands.

I remember when I was ye'high and  I would get my hair shampooed in that kitchen sink. Today, thinking about how important the whole process is I just realized why my hair was having the hardest time growing. My mother never conditioned my hair. She made sure it was clean but all of that shampooing wasn't too gentle and didn't replenish my hair with things that would add back moisture. I have extremely curly hair, so this means that my hair would be a little drier than others because the oil takes longer to go down my hair strand. If you ever wondered why a person with straight hair can pass without so much conditioner and their hair would still flourish and curly haired people wouldn't this is why. She would slap so much Blue Magic to give it that shine and it really didn't matter because it was still sitting on top of my hair a week later as if nothing happened.

Yes, shampoo cleanses the hair. There are many types today. You can find one for many needs, such as clarifying, moisturizing, color-enhancing, neutralizing shampoo. It's one for everything even down to medicated. But shampoo has an agent in it where even though it has these benefits, its key job is to cleanse so sometimes you need to put a lovely concoction in there afterward called Conditioner. 

 "Everyone hair is different. Listen to it. Study it. Learn from it. Master It."

The conditioner is the holy grail of many. Conditioner can do some miraculous things. If your hair is too moisturized but does not have much strength use a protein conditioner. If your hair is too strong to the point of it being dry, but lacks moisture and shine, use a moisturizing conditioner. Some people just love to use conditioner to refresh their curls. Brands have acknowledged this huge curly girl method and chose to create Co-Wash conditioners where curly girls like myself can use a conditioner that is specified for use alone without shampoo. So we can just use conditioner for our hair and skip out on shampoo since it strips hair right? NO! I wouldn't. It depends on your hair type. Now if you are a straight haired person I would advise you to use shampoo if your hair is severely oily. Curly haired people yes shampoo can strip your hair but too much conditioner can leave your hair with loads of build up, so shampoo is a must. Just limit your shampooing. Everyone hair is different. Listen to it. Study it. Learn from it. Master It.

"A full process of shampoo and conditioner is vital. Each one feeds the other."

Now leave in conditioner comes in many different formulas. Leave in conditioners should be a lighter consistency than you're actual conditioner this aids in conditioning since you need to rinse the regular conditioner out. This straight can be the last step for most straight hair people but for people with curly hair you can seal all of this in with a lovely light oil. I use grapeseed oil or coconut oil. Little goes a long way.

A full process of shampoo and conditioner is vital. Each one feeds the other.

Do you use a full process when shampooing and conditioning? What products do you love to use?

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