Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pixie Dust And Pixie Cuts

pixie cuts

A few years back I would never let my hair grow. This has actually been the only year in a good amount of years I've ever seen my hair grow to my shoulders. I use to love to cut my hair. I would take my Wahl Seniors and cut against the grain with a #1 guard. It felt amazing and absolutely liberating. Once my hair grew out, I would then relax it and wear my hair in styles similar to these even though I initially never thought about wearing my hair in this style when I cut it. 

A pixie cut is so simple but yet absolutely feminine and just all around beautiful. With people like Nia Long and Monica and being a early 90's baby I felt at home with this cut. It was so quick and easy if you wanted it to be. It could also be complex and throw a few spikes in there. A pixie cut is so much more than just a nice cute short cut. It's extremely versatile.

How many of you are rocking a pixie? How do you feel about pixie cuts when the weather is getting a little burrr? Comment on how you feel about this.
Nia Long Pixie Cut

cute pixie haircut

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